As Australia’s leading provider of Fire Protection Services and Equipment, Delta Fire are the experts in the provision of effective fire prevention solutions across a diverse range of industries and applications from fire retardants to asset protection.
  • Our team has years of industry experience, and our skills are continually being refined and improved through ongoing training
  • All products meet international standards and conform to and often exceed all current Australian standards
  • We offer support throughout the entire process from design to procurement through to commissioning
  • Customised asset protection
  • Nationwide service
  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time
  • Full after-sales support service


Amerex Kitchen ProtectionCommercial kitchens

Compliance Check ListFoam suppression

Delta Integrated Systems BrochureDelta Integrated Systems

Delta Integrated Systems Fact SheetDelta Integrated Systems

Fire Protection Solutions for Mobile & Diesel Powered EquipmentVehicle fire protection

Fire Reticulation Valve MonitoringDelta Integrated Systems

Fire Suppression Cylinder MonitoringDelta Integrated Systems

Fire Suppression Foams_ AS 1851 Testing and ComplianceFoam suppression

Firemiks Dosing SystemFoam hardware

Gas system testingGas suppression

IoT – enabled valve monitoring system can ease valve inspection burdenDelta Integrated Systems

JANUS Novec 1230 Clean Agent Suppression SystemFoam suppression

Low Expansion Foam Branch PipeFoam hardware

SKUM Firefighting Foam Concentrates & HardwareFoam hardware

Wet Chemical Fire Protection SystemsCommercial kitchens


Amtron vmd DI 20102Delta Integrated Systems

Delta Automatic Hose Reel NozzleFoam hardware

Delta edge field connection deviceDelta Integrated Systems

Delta input/output module DI 20109Delta Integrated Systems

Delta Weather Proof Site Controller Unit 10502Delta Integrated Systems

Fire panel interface DI 20114Delta Integrated Systems

Fire panel interface DI 20116Delta Integrated Systems

Incendium’s New Balance Pressure Proportioner with Foam Test RecoveryFoam hardware

Marchwood in motion DI 56700Delta Integrated Systems

Marchwood webserver DI 56704Delta Integrated Systems

Mesh repeater unit DI 20115Delta Integrated Systems

Single analogue pcb unit DI 20110Delta Integrated Systems

Site controller unit DI 10501Delta Integrated Systems

Skum FJM-EL Electric MonitorFoam hardware

Skum FJM-MAN Manual MonitorFoam hardware

Skum FJM-WTO Oscilating MonitorFoam hardware

Skum MI-00 Inline InductorFoam hardware

Skum MI-000 Inline InductorFoam hardware

Skum MLR Low Exp BranchpipeFoam hardware

Skum MTB-H Bladder TankFoam hardware

Skum MTB-V Bladder TankFoam hardware

Skum PI Around the Pump InductorFoam hardware

Skum PP Mk2 Balanced Pressure ProportionerFoam hardware

Skum PP-PPW Balanced Pressure ProportionerFoam hardware

Skum PPW Mk2 Balanced Pressure ProportionerFoam hardware


Aircraft Hangers Safe and Sound ProtectionFoam suppression

Amerex Strike Electronic Control SystemCommercial kitchens

Are you prepared for a lightning strike?Lightning, Renewable energy

Firefighting Foam Compliance GuideFoam suppression

The Commercial Kitchen Fire Challenge – Protecting Property & PeopleCommercial kitchens


LEC Australia Grounding Products & ServicesLightning

Mobile systemVehicle fire protection

MonitorsFoam hardware