Delta Fire has a proven track record and a solid industry reputation for providing specialist fire safety solutions and equipment. We are experts in all aspects of fire prevention – from fire detection and suppression to detailed risk assessment and integrated fire protection systems.


A guide to choosing the right fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen

March 14th, 2024|

The essential factors to consider when selecting a fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen. From understanding your kitchen's unique needs to evaluating the types of cooking equipment utilised, ensure the safety and longevity of your establishment with the right choice.

The role of foam fire suppression in industrial settings

January 31st, 2024|

Safeguarding against the threat of fires is crucial. The significance of robust fire safety measures cannot be overstated, and in this landscape, foam fire suppression systems emerge as a formidable system. Designed to combat diverse classes of fires, these systems offer unparalleled efficiency and versatility in industrial settings.

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