Many of the raw materials, minerals and manufacturing processes on which industry has become dependent have inherent fire risks that need to be resolved for the preservation of assets and the safety of those working with them.
These threats are particularly prevalent in the mining, smelting, and flammable bulk materials handling sectors whose working conditions call for the highest degree of specialist high-hazard fire protection.
  • We are authorised installers and service agents for many leading fire protection systems that will fit your product preference
  • Our team has years of industry experience, and our skills are continually being refined and improved through ongoing training
  • All products meet international standards and conform to and often exceed all current Australian standards
  • We offer support throughout the entire process from design to procurement through to commissioning
  • Customised asset protection
  • Nationwide service
  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time
  • Full after-sales support service
Delta Fire is Australia’s leading provider of Fire Protection Services and Equipment.
What we offer:

We provide, among many other things, pot carriers used in the steel industry to transport molten slag. These can reach temperatures well over 1000 degrees celsius and are a significant risk to the operators’ safety. These extreme environments call for extraordinary protection to provide both flammable material fire suppression and a thermal protection barrier to protect skin, clothing, and equipment from heat, fire, and flame.



How did Australian Steel Mill Services protect their heavy vehicle operators as well as the vehicles engines from radiated heat from superheated molten slag?

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