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Direct lightning strike prevention systems

World class

Experts in the distribution of lightning eliminators

Lightning prevention

World-class LEC systems

The highest quality

Tried and tested and conform or exceed all current Australian standards



Lightning strikes are a primary cause of devastating and expensive fires in storage tanks in the petrochemicals sector and throughout the country’s utilities and power generation sectors as well as data centres, telecommunication centres and mass transit and logistics facilities.  As consultants for LEC, world-class lightning-strike avoidance solutions,  we are the Australian and New Zealand experts in the distribution of lightning eliminators.
  • Our team has years of industry experience, and our skills are continually being refined and improved through ongoing training
  • All products meet international standards and conform to and often exceed all current Australian standards
  • We offer support throughout the entire process from design to procurement through to commissioning
  • Customised asset protection
  • Nationwide service
  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time
  • Full after-sales support service
Delta Fire are the Australian and New Zealand experts in the distribution of lightning eliminators.
What we offer:
  • RGA for floating rooftops
  • IPE In-tank Potential Equalizer
  • Chem Rod Grounding Electrode
  • Smart Ground Testing
  • Dissipation Array System
  • Spline Ball Ionizer
  • Spline Ball Terminal


Are you prepared for a lightning strike?


Lightning protection boosts safety for resources companies

ightning strikes are far more common than many realise and, with the changes in the global climate and changing weather patterns, they are well and truly on the increase.  Australia is at particular risk because, according to a joint NASA and National Space Development Agency of Japan study, approximately 70 percent of lightning occurs on land in the tropics, where the majority of thunderstorms occur.


Coogee Chemicals

Coogee Chemical is a diversified chemicals manufacturer specialising in bulk liquid storage with dedicated logistics networks for a range of dangerous and non-dangerous goods. Delta Fire supplied RGA’s for lightning protection.

Wheatstone WA

The Wheatstone project is on the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. Delta Fire supplied RGA’s for lightening protection.

BP Australia

Delta Fire supplied RGA’s for BP for lightening protection.


LEC Australia Grounding Products & Services



About a third of all tank fires are believed to have been started by a lightning strike.  How is RGA (Retractable Grounding Assembly) grounding/earthing equipment protecting valuable roof storage tanks at Coogee Chemicals and Apache Energy?

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