Providing heavy vehicle fire protection for a diverse range of applications in the mining, logging, and mass transit sectors we can provide tailored fire protection systems for virtually any vehicle, plant, or equipment with systems designed and manufactured by Ansul, and the Amerex Corporation. We understand the demands that the harsh Australian environment places on all types of vehicles and equipment, especially those that operate in bulk mining and mineral industries. Our team of experts provide highly workable and reliable systems that incorporate the most up-to-date technology available.
  • Our team has years of industry experience, and our skills are continually being refined and improved through ongoing training
  • All products meet international standards and conform to and often exceed all current Australian standards
  • We offer support throughout the entire process from design to procurement through to commissioning
  • Customised asset protection
  • Nationwide service
  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time
  • Full after-sales support service
We’ll do whatever it takes to understand and respond to your needs efficiently and minimise costly downtime in your business.
What we offer:
  • Amerex DCP vehicle suppression system
  • Firetrace tube-based detection and suppression systems
  • Arctic Fire pot carrier suppression and escape systems
  • The Delta (DFA) AFFF Fire Suppression System


Bell Bay Aluminium


Mt Isa Mines


DP World Logistics

Bell Bay Aluminium


Mobile system



How a tailored heavy vehicle fire protection system was installed to protect vehicles and their drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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