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Even the best foam fire retardant is only as effective as the equipment that is being used to deliver it to a fire. Our foam hardware has been specifically designed to provide the right amounts of product most effectively.  Through extensive research and field testing, we can ensure that our foam fire retardant and hardware provide you with the results that you need at the most crucial moment.
  • Our foam fire retardant hardware conforms to and often exceeds all current Australian standards
  • We only deal in the most reliable brand-name products from leading manufacturers
  • We never sacrifice the quality for the price
  • A nationwide team of technical experts to advise you
We have proven solutions to reduce risk, extensive industry expertise and experience.
What we offer:
  • Fixed, portable, manual, and automatic monitors
  • Trailers
  • Nozzles
  • Branch pipes
  • Foam generators
  • Proportioners
  • Bladder tanks
  • Foam dosing


Firemiks Dosing System

Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipe

SKUM Firefighting Foam Concentrates & Hardware


Aviation hangar at Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport’s recently introduced an environmental protection policy whereby hangars will be approved only if their design prevents the release to the environment of any pollutants spilled inside the hanger. At a new 2500 square meter five start aviation hanger at Brisbane airport Delta Fire was contracted to install a firefighting system which needs to meet the new environment protection policy standards.


Delta Automatic Hose Reel Nozzle

Incendium’s New Balance Pressure Proportioner with Foam Test Recovery

Skum FJM-EL Electric Monitor

Skum FJM-MAN Manual Monitor

Skum FJM-WTO Oscilating Monitor

Skum MI-00 Inline Inductor

Skum MI-000 Inline Inductor

Skum MLR Low Exp Branchpipe

Skum MTB-H Bladder Tank

Skum MTB-V Bladder Tank

Skum PI Around the Pump Inductor

Skum PP Mk2 Balanced Pressure Proportioner

Skum PP-PPW Balanced Pressure Proportioner

Skum PPW Mk2 Balanced Pressure Proportioner

Skum TP Mk2 Bladder Tank Proportioner

Skum TP-TPW Bladder Tank Proportioner

Skum TPW Mk2 Bladder Tank Proportioner



Product spotlight – Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipe

Designed to produce long coherent throws of low expansion foam using all types of foam concentrate, Dale from Delta Fire provides an informative overview of this hardware with key insights and its applications.


Product spotlight – Delta Automatic Hose Reel Nozzle

Discover the latest innovation in hose reel nozzle design with this state-of-the-art technology, offering automatic pressure and flow control with effortless high-pressure use. Dale will provide an overview highlighting its benefits and applications.




How was a  flame detection system installed to comply with Brisbane Airport’s environmental policy standards, stopping costly damage to aircraft?  A first of its kind in Australia.

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