Bell Bay Aluminium situated on the Tamar River, approximately 45 kilometres from Launceston. The smelter produces around 190,000 of aluminium each year and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

After some recent machinery fires, Bell Bay Alumina needed their vehicles to be fitted with tailored fire protection systems to protect both their vehicles and their drivers.

Delta Fire needed to provide a highly workable and reliable system that incorporated the most up-to-date technology available.  The system needed to be scalable for a range of machines ranging from small forklifts to large earth moving machines. The wheels and cabins of their entire range of vehicles needed protection in the event of a fire.


Delta Fire worked in consultation with Bell Bay Aluminium with Fire Solutions to provide a tailored heavy vehicle fire protection system that complies with international codes and standards.  The system also needed to comply with Bell Bay Aluminium’s OHS and risk assessment standards.


Delta Fire provided the technical support for the initial fifteen Amerex Dry Chemical Powder systems installed in their vehicles. The system provided utilises the Amerex SA2Z Panel with the ability for the system to be adjusted to suit should there be any requirements in the future dependent on the plant and/or the risks with the Amerex system facilitating a range of cylinder sizes.

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