Ensuring your business systems stay running and stay safe as expected in case of an emergency or other unexpected event is something you should prepare for. Typically, organisations prepare for natural disasters, power outages, cyber attacks, and the like by having clearly defined processes or procedures for everyone to follow to resume operations quickly should any unforeseen event happen. But nothing had prepared organisations for a pandemic like this when almost all were forced to stay at home.

It’s been nearly two years, and we are still dealing with local and international restrictions. So how should businesses with several offices spread across the country ensure everything runs smoothly when movement is restricted? It can be challenging, especially when you rely on a wired system.

This pandemic has undoubtedly highlighted the need to consider the technology you use to keep your business running. Integrating wireless technology into your business can address issues like movement restrictions for your staff.

Delta Integrated Systems offers a range of wireless monitoring devices connected to almost any system, sending information wirelessly to our cloud-based management portal that can be viewed in real time, anywhere in the world. So whether you are at home or in the office, you have instant updates on how your equipment is functioning and if there are malfunctioning devices that need to be replaced. This way, downtime is minimised or avoided.

What you get from a Delta Integrated Systems Wireless Solution

  • 1000m Line of Sight Communications
  • All communication devices are FCC-approved
  • 4Ghz Transmission negates concerns regarding transmission compliance

Yes, you can monitor the status of your equipment from anywhere in the world!

Delta Integrated Systems provides a fully customisable software package that displays and manages the state of the connected devices across your multiple sites. In addition, our systems are fully scalable to allow for integration and monitoring of facilities of any size to be installed with the same ease and efficiency.  So contact us to find out how today.

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