The purpose is to maintain the optimum state of equipment and avoid future problems. It’s considered a critical requirement for site operation and health and safety compliance in many industries.

Typically, predictive maintenance is done through routine checks. However, there are times when a monitoring device fails between these checks resulting in what it’s meant to avoid in the first place – system downtime.

It’s essential to invest in a technology that will ensure checks are done on schedule and all data gathered is accurate.

The difference between wired and wireless

Setting up wired monitoring devices is both costly and hard to scale. You have to set aside a large budget for the materials, installation and maintenance.  In comparison, going wireless with monitoring is cheaper, quick to set up, easy to scale and efficient when it comes to reporting. In addition, the real time data makes it ideal in predicting when problems may occur to avoid system breakdowns and business interruption.

The Delta Integrated Systems Wireless Solution monitors aspects such as changes in electrical signals using wireless nodes. The decline of equipment can be monitored and predicted, signalling maintenance needs before failure, thereby reducing system downtime and extending time between failures.

To give you an idea of what a Delta Integrated Systems Wireless Solution can do for your business, check the list below: 

  1. It can be used to monitor a wide range of products, including valves, sensors, gas detectors, Fire Alarm Panels, and more
  2. It accepts any 4-20mA or simple switch input (dry contact)
  3. It offers 1km Line of Sight Communications
  4. All communication devices are FCC-Approved
  5. Its 2.4Ghz transmission negates concerns regarding transmission compliance
  6. It provides instantaneous alert notifications locally and remotely, as required
  7. All data is stored in the cloud or terrestrial based servers
  8. It has management and service personnel apps

Another key feature is that it can be connected to one of our two font end software solutions specifically tailored to the scope of your installation. The software can be cloud-based or locally installed.

Wireless technology expands condition monitoring capabilities where hardwired systems cannot and it widens the scope of proactive machine monitoring throughout your site.

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