Wired connections are a much more significant investment than wireless due to the cost of the materials needed in setting up, the labour costs for installation and the maintenance costs required to keep all assets working in optimal condition. It’s also highly impractical, especially on sites where monitoring is required for the issue of “Permits to Work”. This is because of time-consuming jobs such as having engineers check valve positions in remote locations while keeping track of the valve state using a corkboard and pins.

Another issue with a wired connection is scalability. Building and extending wired networks requires careful planning and a significant budget to construct it. Wired systems need hardware to be purchased, installed and configured before they can be fully operational. Scalability is an issue for networks to be up and running quickly and for planning and cost purposes.

Why opt for a wireless option

Wireless technology in monitoring is definitely ideal when you think of the cost and scalability. 

Here’s what you will get from a Delta Integrated Systems Wireless Solution: 

  1. Used to monitor a wide range of products, including valves, sensors, gas detectors, Fire Alarm Panels, and more
  2. Accepts any 4-20mA or simple switch input (dry contact)
  3. Offers a 1km Line of Sight Communications
  4. All communication devices are FCC-Approved
  5. 2.4Ghz transmission negates concerns regarding transmission compliance
  6. Offers instantaneous alert notifications locally and remotely, as required
  7. All data is stored in the cloud or terrestrial based servers.
  8. Management and service personnel apps

Another benefit of a Delta Integrated Systems Wireless Solution is that it can be connected to one of our two front end software solutions specifically tailored to the scope of your installation. The software can be cloud-based or locally installed.

Wireless technology expands condition monitoring capabilities where hardwired systems cannot and widens the scope of proactive machine monitoring throughout your site.

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