Now more than ever, every dollar spent must count when it comes to safeguarding your business assets. Investing in a reliable Valve Monitoring Device and system is something you need to consider.


How does it work?

The Factory Mutual approved (FM) system uses a small, battery powered Valve Monitoring Device (VMD) installed on existing or new valve actuators. The VMD collects real-time data of the actuator’s status or valve and transmits it as a 64-point packet to the “Site Controller”, providing the information required for preventative maintenance. These are anti-tamper valve monitoring devices, which are hermetically sealed in a versatile shock resistant casing—preventing the accidental or deliberate incorrect operation of virtually all types of control valves.


What’s the best choice?

The best available option in the market for valve monitoring is the Delta Integrated DI 20102. It’s a modified “AMTRON” Anti Tamper Valve Monitoring Device (VMD) fitted with a specially designed battery powered edge device. The DI-20102 revolutionises Anti Tamper Monitoring with instantaneous communication across a vast range of complex industrial environments. It is guaranteed one year of battery life using the default transmission settings based on FM requirements. 


Here’s what you get 

  • A complete cost-effective valve monitoring IOT solution ideal for monitoring a single valve or hundreds across a site
  • Transmit Power output up to +20 dBm
  • Shock resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • High impact resistant
  • CLASS A Anti-Tamper protection
  • SNAP mesh enabled (2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4)
  • RF Data rate up to 2Mbps
  • Powerful processing to manage the data to and from the inputs and outputs at high speeds
  • Self-healing mesh network
  • The Amtron VMD unit is a flame retardant, hermetically sealed IP 67 rated unit suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


How it works

The DI 20102 operates using the SNAP Mesh Network. This innovative and secure technology ensures stable and near instantaneous network communications. If the direct communication route between units is broken, the mesh can reroute communications to ensure continued contact.

The Status of the valve is communicated with the Site Controller which advises the operator via the Supplied Software. Choice of Software is through the Marchwood comprehensive MIM or WebSever located on Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop. Investing in a valve monitoring system allows you to reduce failure and risk while increasing safety and yield.

The key is to seek the advice of trusted suppliers who can explain all aspects of the rollout of digital monitoring technology.

Delta Integrated Systems is a division of Delta Fire Australasia, which specialises in installing and servicing fire-suppression solutions to commercial and industrial sites.

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