Many fire safety solutions are available, but just like any product, not all are created equal.

Some solutions are costly, unreliable and lack flexibility. Recognising these challenges, Delta Integrated Systems in conjunction with Marchwood Integrated developed the first FM3010 approved wireless system that’s suitable for monitoring a wide range of equipment across multiple sites to ensure fire safety.

It’s smart technology and the first of its kind. It alerts you to a fire situation when the alarms are triggered. The system can monitor the status of fire system valves, both for alarm and tamper. Using the latest data, it will provide you with a full assessment and response should an incident occur. Since it allows you to monitor the situation as it happens, from anywhere, at any time, you can deal with the problem immediately with little to no impact on your operations.

What you get

 It’s designed to be a failsafe system to remotely monitor everything from planning, predictive maintenance, planned maintenance, to assessment, to response, by delivering real-time information around the clock.

Here are some of the features of a wireless FM3010:

  • It can be used to monitor a wide range of products, including valves, sensors, gas detectors, fire alarm panels, and more
  • It can be utilised with FM3135 Valve monitoring devices
  • It offers 1 km line-of-sight communications.
  • All communication devices are FCC-approved
  • It’s 2.4Ghz transmission negates concerns regarding transmission compliance
  • It has instantaneous alert notifications, locally and remotely, as required

Why invest in one?

The Delta Integrated Systems Integrated FM3010 will give you better management of your systems – as it redefines fire equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance and incident management.

It’s a flexible technology and easily customisable to meet your needs. As an example of scalability, the solution uses the innovative SNAP operating system. This wireless, self-healing mesh network both collects and transmits information critical to any installation or site.

Another function to highlight about this solution is that it works as a virtual paper trail that cannot be tampered with, thereby generating a solid record that can be used post-incident for investigative or insurance purposes.

Delta Integrated Systems is a division of Delta Fire Australasia, which specialises in installing and servicing fire-suppression solutions to commercial and industrial sites. We are an authorised distributor of Marchwood Integrated FM3010. If you want to know more about this smart technology, contact us.

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