The Ampol oil refinery, on banks of the Brisbane River, is a high-hazard environment where crude oil is refined into petrol, diesel, jet fuel and base oils for lubricants and specialist products that include liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and bitumen.  Due to this process, the site needs reliable and effective firefighting measures and constant diligence.

As Australia’s largest oil refiner,  Ampol needs sophisticated firefighting equipment that requires regular and professionally conducted maintenance to ensure that this equipment is in constant “as designed” readiness.


As fire prevention at the site has the highest priority, Delta Fire worked with Ampol to supply the refinery with a wide selection of world-class firefighting agent delivery systems and hardware.  Delta Fire has been commissioned by Ampol with essential maintenance, testing, servicing and equipment refurbishment work across the Lytton complex to ensure that the site is ready should a fire occur.  Delta fire also conducts training exercises and regular risk assessments.


At the Lytton refinery, Delta Fire has worked on ten high volume foam monitors.  These include remotely-controlled Skum foam fog/jet monitors protecting the crude oil wharf that is positioned as high as 20 metres above ground level and is exposed constantly to a harsh and corrosive sea water environment.  Similar Skum monitors are located at the rear of the refinery’s product wharf, along with a number of monitors that are positioned strategically in readiness to provide a screen to cover escaping gas, all of which are also maintained by Delta Fire.

Delta Fire is also responsible for maintaining, servicing and carrying out monthly tests on a number of water sprinkler fire suppression systems that are installed to protect various parts of the plant, foam deluge systems that protect the refinery’s LPG tanks, pressure testing of hydrants across the site and ensuring that all extinguishers and hoses are in constant working order.

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