The Port of Fremantle is Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port with $3 million worth of trades handled every hour. The port handles grain, petroleum, liquid petroleum gas, alumina, mineral sands, fertilisers, coal, sulphur, iron ore and other bulk commodities

The Port of Melbourne in Victoria is the largest container port in Australasia handling cargo types including dry bulk, liquid bulk and breakbulk with over 7200 containers and 1200 new motor vehicles per day on average.

Both ports had newly installed shipping container cranes which required fire protection systems to protect both the drivers and the port infrastructure in case of an emergency.


The ports required a cabinet based local application NOVEC 1230 system which can be monitored by the Ports and provide suppression but also monitored by a FIP and BMS style system.

Delta Fire met with both Ports to review different options and worked closely with them to design a Firetrace system covering multiple cabinets arranged into sets of Firetrace equipment to protect all risks.  Manifold and single unit Firetrace systems were used in both direct and indirect arrangements.


The fire protection systems Delta Fire delivered provided a safe and comfortable solution for the crane operators.

Both Ports were delighted with the outcomes, and the expert advice and collaborative approach provided by Delta Fire meant that they can now their protect property and people.

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