The Challenge

Nicholas Seafood, the Sushi Bar, Peter’s Fish Market, the Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Chinese restaurant, the Fish Market Café and Christie’s Seafood all faced a similar problem — to provide kitchen staff and customers with reliable, swift and effective kitchen fire protection.

The iconic Sydney Fish Market is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and its fish restaurants are a magnet for food lovers visiting the New South Wales capital from across the world. So much so that the Market is rated as being one of Sydney’s top visitor attractions.

Deep-fat fryers use flammable cooking oil, which can result in grease build-up in hoods and ducts if they are not properly cleaned on a regular basis. If this grease build -up ignites, it can contribute to the swift spreading of a fire. The three primary types of equipment involved in restaurant cooking fires are deep-fat fryers, cooking ranges and cooking grills


A total of eight systems were installed and, in every instance, they were retro-fitted to the existing kitchen cooker hoods. All of the installations took place outside of trading hours so as to not disrupt kitchen operations or inconvenience any of the diners. The world’s most highly regarded and widely used commercial kitchen fire safety system was chosen for the projects. It is a wet chemical system, with a suppression agent specially developed to suppress kitchen fires. It delivers fast flame knock-down, vapour securement and cooling of hot cooking surfaces and cooking oils. The system operates automatically to protect the cooking appliances, hoods and ductwork.


The system used in the Fish Market restaurant kitchens achieves the highest fire safety standards and complies with the most stringent Australian and international codes and standards. Similar systems have been installed in Sydney at the Opera House, the Waterside Restaurant and in several restaurants at The Star casino venue.

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