The Project

Q Catering focuses on the design, production and delivery of meals within the aviation industry and caters for airlines all over the globe. Servicing flights departing from Australia for more than 70 years they produce over 34 million meals for customer airlines each year across kitchens in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Q Catering was seeking a highly specialised fire system for their kitchens at Melbourne Airport to protect both their employees and property in the event of a fire. Flexibility was essential as they needed to be able to change the kitchen layout as required.

The installation had to be completed in conjunction with the day-to-day running of the kitchen and required staff training on the system as well as manual pull stations located around the kitchen.

How We Went About It

Delta Fire met with Q Catering’s Fire Engineers, Facility Managers, Building Managers and Melbourne Airport Management to design a solution. Challenges with timing and ensuring that the kitchen continued producing meals required open communication channels between all parties to ensure timelines were met and no delays were experienced.

The Solution

Delta Fire provided a compliant wet chemical solution to replace the existing wet chemical system. The kitchen required modification of the existing fire alarm and fuel gas shut off systems in line with the establishment of the system.

The areas worked in were completed in three separate stages with hoarding set up and taken down after all works. Breaks in the installation were taken between “sites” to allow for the movement of equipment to maintain production in the kitchen.

The installation was one of the largest Amerex ZD kitchen system installations in company history.


Q Catering was extremely satisfied with the wet chemical solution provided by Delta Fire, the system was installed on time and without any production impact even though when installation commenced, there were significant changes in design. However, by keeping communication lines open with all affected stakeholders Delta Fire ensured that the project was completed on time.
The expert advice and collaborative approach provided by Delta Fire meant that Q can protect property and people.

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