Patrick Terminals is Australia’s leading container terminal operating some of Australia’s most technologically advanced container terminals at four ports around the Australian coast.

Patrick Terminals had acquired five new containers in Perth and Melbourne. They approached Delta Fire to fit the electrical cabinets in the container cranes with fire suppression systems. Previously they had issues with the sealing room. So, they wanted to move away from total flood protection.

Delta Fire was tasked with designing and installing systems on cranes in both locations. 


After stakeholder meetings, we determined a Firetrace system would meet the needs and risks associated with the crane cabinet installations. Therefore, we proposed multiple direct and indirect fire trace units based on risk size and volume.

As with every project, there were multiple challenges during the installation, including time installation with crane “dead” times. However, we used our experience and expertise to overcome every challenge and, in the end, provided Patrick Terminals with fire solutions that were delivered on time and within their budget.

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