Snowy Hydro – foam fire suppression

2022-03-02T11:46:05+11:00March 2nd, 2022|Case Studies|

Background  Snowy Hydro provides on demand, reliable energy to Australia with gas fired power stations. One crucial part of maintaining these types of assets is fire protection. Power generating equipment, whether a standalone unit, incorporated into a machine or equipment or adjacent to a structure, runs independently and is unattended most of the time. So, fire presents a significant risk. A short in the equipment or a power surge can trigger a fire that can spread out of control quickly. Challenge Snowy Hydro was looking for a reliable supplier to provide them with an Australian compliant fire suppression system for ...

Aviation hangar at Brisbane Airport

2019-11-12T20:47:13+11:00August 21st, 2019|Case Studies|

Brisbane Airport’s recently introduced an environmental protection policy whereby hangars will be approved only if their design prevents the release to the environment of any pollutants spilled inside the hanger. At a new 2500 square meter five start aviation hanger at Brisbane airport Delta Fire was contracted to install a firefighting system which needs to meet the new environment protection policy standards.